Who We Are

Our Mission

The mission of Paddle with a Purpose is to engage people from all walks of life to volunteer in the conservation and cleanup of our waterways and to spread awareness about the pollution problem in our communities. 


We aim to activate the world in excitement to protect our most precious natural resource: water. Our goal is to get everyone involved, from companies to tourists and most importantly, members of the local community.


We focus on the positive actions that can be done to reverse damage to our environment and create a fun, team oriented atmosphere. By focusing on our accomplishments we empower individuals to care for their local natural areas and spread awareness of what can be done. No action is too small, no trash too little, and no amount of time too short.


Cleanups help us to remember that you can (and should) have fun while saving the planet. It’s a powerful beginning that instills a deeper love for our beautiful planet!


How it all began…


Paddle with a Purpose was started as a desire for one young man to remove trash from our waterways. The goal in the first year was to remove 1 ton of trash which seemed like an impossible amount. We surpassed that goal and in Year 1 alone collected over 4 tons of trash out of our Fort Lauderdale / Broward County waterways. It’s our goal to expand this project to a national and global scale to activate people from all walks of life to care for their local communities and raise awareness about pollution in our waters.

Our Core Values

Our organization is founded and lives by these core values

  • Changing the world starts with action
  • We attract volunteers with positivity
  • Create awareness to spur action in local communities